Sunday, 19 December 2010

More butterflies work in progress

And some more butterflies!

I thought it was interesting to show the progression of a painting and the nail biting angst in the decision making process... Here is the current piece I am working on - first I create the face and the butterfly.

What colour? How detailed? What style? Will I ruin it if I add this? Have I captured what I set out to achieve?...
.... there are days when I leave my studio and I feel as if a hippo has been sitting on me!

It was a difficult decision whether to keep the eyes of the girl as they are or to use the butterfly markings. I decide to keep her eyes, as a window into her thoughts.

Then I paint her neck, upper torso and jewellry. Again a decision - intricate jewellry or simple? What colours?

I almost went for a turquoise neck piece, however I love the orange warm sunset hues in this and when holding up a turquoise coloured piece of paper to her neck, it was just too disctracting. The focus must be her eyes and the butterfly combined with her regal poise.

My next step will be her hair ... I love the hints of strands of hair and the incompleteness of the first butterfly picture I did back in November ( ) I feel I should do that with this one also. There is a spaciousness to it. And what of her hair style? Should she have a coiled head piece (my current preference) or little dreadlocks? Or be shaven? And then I must move to painting her eyes and finishing the butterfly...

Oh sometimes how I miss the pixel pushing of my computer! I notice that my once sharp brain has become sluggish in making the decisions - to used to my undo button enabling me to test many options. Now I must learn to use my creative intuition again!

... some weeks later
Returning post snows, Christmas and adventures in wild Wales I have finally got my fingers messy with oil pastels and paints and almost completed my African Butterfly goddess.

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