Sunday, 6 May 2012

Johnsons Island Artists Open Studios Exhibition

My 'hideaway' art studio on Johnsons Island is opening it's doors next weekend, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May, for two days of artistic delights, live music and creative inspiration. A little blurb on it below -

Johnsons Island is home to a flourishing colony of artists and crafts-people. Gazing at the shimmering canal waters from its eclectic collection of buildings it is easy to understand why.

Sculptors, painters, printmakers & artisans from this thriving community will be opening the doors to their studios over the weekend of 12th to the 13th May from 10am-6pm.

Nestled beside the first lock linking the Thames to the Grand Union Canal, one passes the Brewery Tap on Catherine Wheel Rd, before crossing a footbridge and entering into another world. History, art and nature are woven together in this unique island setting, as Samuel Pepys would agree when he sailed past for an illicit assignation with the Brentford lady in 1660!

Come and meet with the creators of such esoteric products as hard wearing and eco-friendly bicycle baskets and bags, the local mosaic artist who is showing her work at the Olympic Village View Tube, one of the artists who designs laser light shows around the world when not making unique prints or the paper and wire sculptor who has a two minute walk to her studio from her narrow boat home.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Little Cuties ... animal fun

I have the most bright eyed inquisitive niece and the cuddliest most adorable nephew ... I painted these for them, the twins who rock my world.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Tara Winona webpage has launched!

This week has seen the unveiling of!

It is with great pride and slightly square eyes that I launched the Tara Winona webpage.

A very big thank you to a dear friend and talented lady Kat - without whom I would never have got here.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tis the season to paint folly!

Tumbling amongst my paints I decided to create Christmas cards slightly different from the norm ...

What if a flock of butterflies were to magically create a Christmas tree I asked myself...

And what if I was to sketch them gainst a sunset sky?

And what if they were to fly on wings of gossamer lace?

Off to the printers on Monday!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Be the someone .... a story about planting flowers

A few years ago I moved in with my darling into his bright beautiful flat. Inside everything was vibrantly coloured and alive, a gorgeous welcoming space. Outside was a different story. The garden of the old manor house had been neglected and lay drab and bare. There were echoes of the glory it must once have been and yet no one had loved it for years.

And so I spoke with the neighbours. They all agreed 'someone should do something' and yet no one wanted to act.

'You don't want to plant anything, it will get nicked!' said one neighbour.

Each morning I would look out the window at the grey garden and think what a shame it was. Then I remembered a story about a couple who every day jogged past a bedraggled rose bush and every day said 'someone should prune that rose bush!'
Until one day they became the someone, and they pruned it...

... And so my darling and I went to the garden centre and came back with plants and seeds and bulbs. We began digging and planting and sowing and weeding. The sun set and still we had not finished.

'Oh, you don't want to leave them out! They'll be gone in the morning!' said the neighbour as he walked past. We decided to trust and lined the unplanted flowers up against the house.

In the morning we rushed down eagerly. The plants were still there. Again we dug and planted and sowed. Neighbours came with cups of tea and biscuits for us. People from down the street came to stop and admire our work and encourage us.

When we had finished, with aching backs and dirt smeared faces we looked at our efforts and felt a warm glow in our hearts. The old manor house with its flats seemed to stand prouder in the evening light. We dreamed of what it would look like as the bulbs came up and the vines grew.

A few weeks later we bought garden furniture and sat eating our cereal in the sunshine surrounded by flowers. 'Oh! That will definately get pinched!' said our neighbour staring at the new table as he went to get his morning papers.

The next day other neighbours were sat at it in the sun looking happy. 'It's fantastic!' they exclaimed and cooked us dinner that night.

As it grew warmer we had BBQs with neighbours who became friends. People from down the road would stop to chat as they passed by. Our bulbs flourished and our flowers multiplied. We learnt alot, what to plant, when and where. Each of our plants became like our children. We even grew tomatoes! A sense of community grew as neighbours began to use the garden and get to know each other.


One day a miracle happened ... the neighbour who had been sure everything would get nicked was out in the garden ... watering seeds. And he was smiling.

Monday, 26 September 2011

More Art on Walls!

Whilst I was away a lovely lady bought some of my cards for a friend and framed them. They look so beautiful and I feel so proud and humbled ... had to share!

When I opened my shop last year, an old friend was one of my first customers. Found this photo on his facebook page and had to share it as well. Thanks Ollie!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I have been away for weeks, working on my 'other' job and playing with dancing light.

My blog has been sadly neglected - it takes all my molecules and globules to create in my other world and I had none left over for blogging. I laughed when I thought of what I might say - another day of not enough sleep, working all night long, grateful for lovely sensitive technicians who help keep it all together and bring much needed cups of tea at 4 in the morning (manna from heaven!), pulling particles of light together to create something that wows ... and trembling at the thought of the huge audience the show will pull!!!

Oh how I love it and wish it could be less all consuming sometimes!

This is a pic of programming it up in the studio...

It was wonderful to be home in Oz and create something to give back to Brisbane after the tragedy of the floods earlier this year. Driving around the city with friends and having them point out where the water level came too was chilling - so many lives touched. I felt moved to hear of the helping hands that came and the way that Brissie came together. What a magic city!

There are some rather lovely photos of the show here -

Photo update! This is what it looked like!