Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I have been away for weeks, working on my 'other' job and playing with dancing light.

My blog has been sadly neglected - it takes all my molecules and globules to create in my other world and I had none left over for blogging. I laughed when I thought of what I might say - another day of not enough sleep, working all night long, grateful for lovely sensitive technicians who help keep it all together and bring much needed cups of tea at 4 in the morning (manna from heaven!), pulling particles of light together to create something that wows ... and trembling at the thought of the huge audience the show will pull!!!

Oh how I love it and wish it could be less all consuming sometimes!

This is a pic of programming it up in the studio...

It was wonderful to be home in Oz and create something to give back to Brisbane after the tragedy of the floods earlier this year. Driving around the city with friends and having them point out where the water level came too was chilling - so many lives touched. I felt moved to hear of the helping hands that came and the way that Brissie came together. What a magic city!

There are some rather lovely photos of the show here -

Photo update! This is what it looked like!

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