Sunday, 31 October 2010

angel boy

I sat and thought one day of the love, patience and resilience it takes to be a mother. I am in awe of those around me who are parenting.

And so I drew this little angel in homage to my sisters, friends and all those raising little boys whom will one day take on the mantle of the world and have their own adventures. 

Sending you an angel - for your courage and to help you both as parents and someone fulfilling their dreams. 

And to little boys as they grow, hoping they keep their hearts open and their spirits strong. 

my etsy shop!

I am so proud of my little shop. Each time I put up another image it is as if I am sending one of my babies out into the world.
It takes so long to scan and colour correct each image (the perfectionist in me!) and I feel a glow inside as I finally get each one into my 'shop'.

Here is one of my latest I have posted  - my painting to remind me about balance.

The more I look at her, the more I grin somewhat ruefully. Tis 10pm and I should be in bed and asleep as part of my new, better balanced lifestyle! Less late hours, more self discipline, time with my husband, in the garden...

I have a couple of new paintings sitting staring at me, wanting to be released into the world. Not to mention all the others that are clamouring to be painted!


Just back from Barcelona and in awe of what one man's vision and commitment to his passion has done to inspire thousands of people. The Segrada Familia, all of his work, is a monument to creativity and self-belief.

Gaudi you are one of my heroes!


One of the things I have often struggled with is the balancing of the passion of my heart with the reasoning and logic of my head. 

Which one is the correct one to follow?

Often one will pull more than the other, as though I am in the middle of a balancing act walking through my life. When they are in balance I am able to walk straight and with confidence. When I allow one or the other to pull unreasonably I can veer off in the wrong direction and fall off my path.

Rather like a tightrope act finding the right balance in life! I had to paint it...


oh how exciting!

One of my prints got added to an Etsy 'Hidden Treasures' page! Jumping around in excitement!!!

I am torn between painting all the ideas thrumming in my veins and getting more of my paintings up on Etsy ... A sunny day pulls me to my hideaway studio - an idea wakes me in the middle of the night calling out to be painted! After so many years of pushing pixels behind a screen it takes an enormous amount of discipline to do the computer bits.

Oh my heart is singing. I am having a wonderful time. How delicious is life when one creates the space to follow ones heart! (lucky I painted 'Faith'!!)

Friday, 29 October 2010

a journey

A triptych of a journey...

First, the idea. 
                Then the leap of faith to bring it to reality.
                                                         And thence the flight into completion.

'May the road rise to meet you,
          May the wind be always at your back.'
                                                               Irish Blessing

listening ...

On this journey of painting and drawing and sketching and dreaming furiously I have been listening to myself intently.

There is the inner me who dreams and the outer me who puts it into action and creates. The inner me is braver and wilder than the outer... with her anything is possible and where all my creative leaps of faith begin.

This feeling of listening to myself made such a powerful impression on me that one evening that I had to sketch it out.

It has felt as though I have come out of a deep forest into the light and am able to see my reflection again.

So here is a painting which I hope will inspire others to stir their deep well of creativity and see what emerges...

i can fly!

As I sat looking at my finished 'Faith' painting I realised that she needed a companion to describe what happens after the leap ... and so I painted 'Fly'.

I wanted her to by flying amongst the stars, each one representing another limitless possibility. No longer blindfolded, she is looking calmly into her future.

A close friend of  mine always used to say 'take the step, the ground may be closer than you think'.  I ruminated that often the fear of the unknown, my imaginary dreads, are greater than the unknown itself.

Each of these paintings has about 20 attempts behind them to get them feeling right! Watercolour is so challenging. One little mistake and it's all in the bin - there is no undo button and I am often bamboozled. How ironic that I am encouraging myself to be fearless with this painting and even in the technique I must practise this!

So here is my reminder to 'Fly', in fearless serenity, blindfold shed and fluttering away.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

this journey

And this creation is a journey into the unknown parts of my soul
And that is what holds me back.
The unknown.
Rather than allowing the passion of my soul to push me forward.
I hesitate.
Afraid of where this path of uncommon steps may lead…

My talent takes me to the cliff edge
But it is I who must choose to jump
Into creation.
I do not know where it may take me.
It can be frightening, these swirling mists of creativity
Waiting to be deciphered, calling out to be heard.
It leads me to a place that no one else can go.
It is I, solitary, at the cliff’s edge.
Contemplating the leap.


     And yet …
                 …replete with abundance.

This colourful world.
My soul.

The rainbows of my imagination
Are my communion with Life.  My expression of humanity.
They are my response to the world.
I want to take them deep within me
Re-capture them and then fling them back out in joy.

I am not truly alone here.  I am surrounded by many jewels.
It is the knowing of which one to pluck.
And the courage to follow the journey to its completion.

And so I leap into the unknown and discover


                                             Tara Winona   -  Copyright 2010

leap of faith

Many many moons ago I was lured away from my art by the pull of bright lights and overseas adventures. For as long as I can remember I have been saying 'one day when I get a studio'...
... then, one day, I got a studio.

And I had to put my money where my mouth was. In a deluge, all of the ideas I had promised to finish baking 'one day' came flying at me. In the downpour I stared into the limitless expanse that is creativity and felt a little afraid. What would I paint? Could I paint anymore? 

In a daydream I saw myself poised on the edge of a cliff, blindfolded, about to step off. Not knowing what the future held once I took the first step, trusting that something would catch me as I flew or fell. The feeling I always get when I am about to make a big change in my life. Taking a leap of faith, I was stepping out into the great unknown of my future.

I knew I had to paint this feeling, to make a visual concrete reminder to myself that would help me should I falter - to give me courage, creativity and fierceness as I uncovered my old talents. 

And so I painted 'Faith'. 

I painted her 20 times until she felt right. Rusty skills becoming cleaner with each use, tears of frustration mingling with the paints. 

'One day' I breathed a sigh of contentment - she was done!

As I continued in my new artistic adventure, I listened to my friends and the women around me talking. I saw many of them teetering on the brink of making big changes, taking great leaps into the grand adventure of their lives. They kept reminding me of my painting. And so I plucked up my courage and decided to share 'Faith' with the world.

On a momentous day I went and bought an archival printer, some gorgeous inks and the most delicious paper I could find. I took a deep breath, pressed the print button and flew!