Friday, 29 October 2010

i can fly!

As I sat looking at my finished 'Faith' painting I realised that she needed a companion to describe what happens after the leap ... and so I painted 'Fly'.

I wanted her to by flying amongst the stars, each one representing another limitless possibility. No longer blindfolded, she is looking calmly into her future.

A close friend of  mine always used to say 'take the step, the ground may be closer than you think'.  I ruminated that often the fear of the unknown, my imaginary dreads, are greater than the unknown itself.

Each of these paintings has about 20 attempts behind them to get them feeling right! Watercolour is so challenging. One little mistake and it's all in the bin - there is no undo button and I am often bamboozled. How ironic that I am encouraging myself to be fearless with this painting and even in the technique I must practise this!

So here is my reminder to 'Fly', in fearless serenity, blindfold shed and fluttering away.

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