Thursday, 28 October 2010

this journey

And this creation is a journey into the unknown parts of my soul
And that is what holds me back.
The unknown.
Rather than allowing the passion of my soul to push me forward.
I hesitate.
Afraid of where this path of uncommon steps may lead…

My talent takes me to the cliff edge
But it is I who must choose to jump
Into creation.
I do not know where it may take me.
It can be frightening, these swirling mists of creativity
Waiting to be deciphered, calling out to be heard.
It leads me to a place that no one else can go.
It is I, solitary, at the cliff’s edge.
Contemplating the leap.


     And yet …
                 …replete with abundance.

This colourful world.
My soul.

The rainbows of my imagination
Are my communion with Life.  My expression of humanity.
They are my response to the world.
I want to take them deep within me
Re-capture them and then fling them back out in joy.

I am not truly alone here.  I am surrounded by many jewels.
It is the knowing of which one to pluck.
And the courage to follow the journey to its completion.

And so I leap into the unknown and discover


                                             Tara Winona   -  Copyright 2010

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