Thursday, 28 October 2010

leap of faith

Many many moons ago I was lured away from my art by the pull of bright lights and overseas adventures. For as long as I can remember I have been saying 'one day when I get a studio'...
... then, one day, I got a studio.

And I had to put my money where my mouth was. In a deluge, all of the ideas I had promised to finish baking 'one day' came flying at me. In the downpour I stared into the limitless expanse that is creativity and felt a little afraid. What would I paint? Could I paint anymore? 

In a daydream I saw myself poised on the edge of a cliff, blindfolded, about to step off. Not knowing what the future held once I took the first step, trusting that something would catch me as I flew or fell. The feeling I always get when I am about to make a big change in my life. Taking a leap of faith, I was stepping out into the great unknown of my future.

I knew I had to paint this feeling, to make a visual concrete reminder to myself that would help me should I falter - to give me courage, creativity and fierceness as I uncovered my old talents. 

And so I painted 'Faith'. 

I painted her 20 times until she felt right. Rusty skills becoming cleaner with each use, tears of frustration mingling with the paints. 

'One day' I breathed a sigh of contentment - she was done!

As I continued in my new artistic adventure, I listened to my friends and the women around me talking. I saw many of them teetering on the brink of making big changes, taking great leaps into the grand adventure of their lives. They kept reminding me of my painting. And so I plucked up my courage and decided to share 'Faith' with the world.

On a momentous day I went and bought an archival printer, some gorgeous inks and the most delicious paper I could find. I took a deep breath, pressed the print button and flew!

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