Saturday, 18 December 2010

Frames Glorious Frames!

For the past few months I have been scouting the shops, internet, everywhere (!) looking for frames for my prints. The criteria was good quality, affordable frames. After much research, I found that metallic/vintage ones seemed to suit the leap of faith series of Little Red paintings the best.

I found some really gorgeous frames and of course couldn't pick just one!

Finally after weeks of buzzy busying, I am ready to launch them. Smooth, sleek and modern, metallic clean lines chic, a sumptuous vintage look - which one takes your fancy?! .. I just adore them.

Here is the link to them in my etsy shop -

My favourite one is still to be revealed - a luxury frame with a beautiful mirrored surround. I just adore it with my 'Listen' print, it seems rather fitting to see the reflection of yourself whilst looking at a painting about inner self and reflection. I also have a lovely stock of wooden ones for the children's paintings to come...

... however, the snow put paid to any photography today! (as the bench amongst the snow drifts is where I photograph my works!)


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