Saturday, 4 December 2010

The elves have been making notebooks!

I share my hideaway studio with other artsists, one of whom makes utterly beautiful hand-crafted notebooks. We were chatting over a cup of tea and decided to collaborate. I got so excited I hardly slept that night!!!

So voila! Together we have produced these beautiful notebooks. The leather on them is soft as soft and the colours she has chosen are gorgeous. She is one talented lady and the needles she wields are the scariest things I have seen in a long time! She showcases her talents here

I imagine people sitting and writing their innermost thoughts, sketching ideas, creating poetry and dreaming dreams into them and it brings a feeling of deep gladness to my heart. I have written journals and poetry since I was a child and I have kept every single one of them, marks of my voyage through time.

Here's the link to them in my etsy shop

I made up bookmarks to go in each one with some words about each painting.

"Listen ...
Listening to the inner self requires stillness and courage ... sometimes the inner self is wilder that the outer! This is where all first steps begin"

Faith ...
"We can not know what the future holds for us once we take the first step. We must trust... and take the step anyway."

Fly ...
"Once we step out in a leap of faith we often realise that the imagined was much more fearful that reality could ever be."

Balance ...
"True wisdom comes in knowing when to balance the passions of the hearts ... with the reason of the head."

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