Sunday, 12 December 2010


I did my second markets today. What an idyllic spot the Duckpond Markets are!  The medieval barn is such a fairyland with so many talented people gathered under one roof.

I stand there with my paintings and my heart and soul on show and it takes alot of courage.

The thing with dreams is they can involve long and rocky paths.
A helping hand and a moment of inspiration makes all the difference ...

I surveyed the ancient barn with exposed beams and breathed a deep contented sigh. Balm to the soul of a slightly homesick aussie at Christmas time, grateful to be amongst such ancient splendour.

How blessed I feel to have friends along the way who help and support me. Thank you thank you to the Noddy Mobile! The tardis conquers again! And its driver a wonderful friend who drove across London in his busy life just to be there and transport 4 boxes, a table, a chair, an easel and myself .... home.

Feeling blessed for precious friends and happily tired.

Tomorrow is back to paints ... YIPPPEEEE!!!!!

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