Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Cycling to my studio today after days of working on my other job I felt a most delicious sense of freedom!

Like a kid let out of school early coupled with the smug satisfaction of having worked really really hard, the reward earned, the contentment of a job well done filling me up, the eager feeling of the wind on my cheeks as I fly along the canal to paint in my hideaway world.

My other job is intense, fulfilling, a different rhythm to painting, demanding all of me for the time it calls. At times I resent it for taking me away from my paints. Today I am grateful for the different sense of perspective it provides, for taking me to the outer world and allowing my imagination to soar into other realms that I would not normally touch in my studio.

And I am grateful grateful grateful for my studio, my paints, my solitude and the swirling river that flows outside my window.

I have often wondered how to define happiness. Today happiness was my every breath.

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