Monday, 22 November 2010

This little piggy went to market!

Once upon a time I took a leap of faith and began painting again...

which led to printers ...

and selling paintings on etsy ...

and opened up new worlds ...

and then one day a lovely lady saw my work and invited me to her markets.

With a deep breath I took another step, spent many sleepless nights printing, painting, preparing, nail biting and with 4 hours sleep (arggghH!) went to market.

What a beautiful magical place, set in an old medieval barn straight out of fairytales. I laid out my 'wares' and took another step in opening my art and my heart to the worlds. What a gorgeous place to do so.

Everyone was so kind, helpful and welcoming of green, nervous me! I had fascinating conversations with many interesting people, sharing my little red angel world and adventures and listening to theirs, marvelling at so much talent collected together in one market. I learnt so much.

Wonderful friends came along to support me. My lovely photographer friend got up early with her two gorgeous boys and off we trooped. I couldn't have done it without her. She encouraged, directed and helped in a truly wonderful display of deep friendship and love. The boys were amazing, so well behaved and courteous (so proud of you two - drawing classes at the hideaway studio soon!)

Other friends arrived, my heart jumping with joy and surprise each time to see their smiling faces. One for whom it is not so easy to get around, who touches my heart with his joy and his courage (JL & G, you are truly angels!) Another significant friend who originally found me the hideaway studio appeared with her mum.

Another turned up to take me home in a little Noddy-mobile - into which we managed to fit all of my boxes and paraphernalia, which proves that the Tardis is real!

I sold prints and cards but more importantly I came home rich in heart and spirit.

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