Monday, 1 November 2010

sharing a leap of faith

A few days ago I shipped off my first consignment of prints from my Etsy shop. It was such an exciting, nerve wracking and wonderful experience - like sending my babies out to the world.

All parcels have landed safely and so we cracked open a bottle of champers!

I recieved two beautiful messages and I feel so proud and humbled I wanted to share them ...
'Am so excited with this purchase! You are so soulful and very talented which shows through these works. 

Thankyou for sharing your heart! 
'My print arrived last weekend and I am sooooooo happy to add her to my collection!!!!! 

Your artwork speaks to me on many levels...I am a redhead and right now I'm at a point in my life where I'm trying to make smart choices but still hold on to my inner 'magic'. The clarity and clean lines of your work causes me to take a deep breath and be still but it also gives me a lovely dose of joy as well. Faith reminds of a Grace Potter song, "Falling or Flying"...

Thank you for sharing your vision and know that your treasure has found a good home here in the states!!

Good luck and have a wonderful November!

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