Monday, 1 November 2010

cards! cards!

I have always loved cards. I collect them and stick them on my wall, the images and messages on them inspiring me and becoming part of my 'courage armour'. I look at them to remind me of things I want to do, paintings I admire or ways I want to be.

And now I am creating my own. I have put my little red angels onto them and they look GORGEOUS! I gave one of 'Faith' to a friend about to make a big leap of change in her life. I was so touched by her response - I dream that they may inspire others.

On the back of the cards I have written -

I got a bit teary when I wrote it (call me a big sop!) as I remembered the times when I needed a helping hand to see the rainbow through the clouds. I do hope my paintings make a difference.

I took my first printed cards carefully down to my studio to take photos of them for my etsy shop page. I was concentrating so much I didn't notice that the tide had risen and overflowed onto the banks - wet feet for me!  Luckily I made it to the safety of my doorway and had a lovely afternoon watching the swans float by as I painted.

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