Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Creativity Unmasked Blog - Coping with the Critics

I awoke to the lovely surpise this morning of being included in a fabulous blog called Creativity Unmasked! An amazing team 'Moags and Smeet' have created a series of blogs especially for us creative types dealing with everything from coping with the critics to describing their own creative process and great bits of advice. I feel very honoured that my 'Listen' print is featured!

Coping with the critics is something that all us creatives struggle with. When to listen to others and when to hear our own inner voice and follow our unique path is a fine line.

When I am not painting I work as a creative in events, where our critics can number in the 1000s - the audience, the crew, our clients and ourselves! It can be challenging...

I once worked with a brilliant man who approached the process with the eyes of a child. It was as if we were all sharing a creative adventure together. Midst all the stress, with each critisicm he would reply 'that's interesting!' approaching it as part of the creative journey we were sharing. I learnt alot... sometimes I am even able to apply it!

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  1. "Listen" was a perfect fit and I am so glad that you enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing. :)